Terms and Conditions

Mobile TF Furnishings Limited T/A

Terms and Conditions

The terms of trade set out below govern all of the supplies of Products from Curtains2u.
Curtains2U will meet its obligations under the Consumer Guarantee Act1993.


“Curtains2U” means the Company T/A as stated on the Quote/Acceptance/Invoice who are
offering to supply the products and/or services to the consumer.

“Products” means goods supplied by or through Curtains2U to you.

“Services” refers to any service by Curtains2U, to you, which is not a supply of products.

“Quote” means a document which records an offer by Curtains2U to supply products and/or
services to you.

“GST” means Goods & Service Tax at the rate payable in New Zealand for any supply of

Quotes and Acceptance

A printed quote is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. (The date can be found on the bottom right hand corner of the quote) All quotes over 30 days will be checked prior to acceptance and re-quoted as there may have been a price increase which is beyond our reasonable control. You may wish to omit or add to your quote at that time and that requires Curtains2U give you a new quote. All quotes based on builders plans or your own measurements will be subject to an on-site measure as the building progresses or you decide to go ahead and maybe subject to change should the actual building or the product specifications differ from the original plans or measurements supplied.

You must pay all delivery costs, applicable taxes and duties.
Curtains2u reserves the right to refuse to accept any order or any part of an order, and to deliver products by instalments, in which case each instalment will comprise a separate contract and shall be paid for as if it were a separate order.

We are very proud of our reputation and will put all issues right. We warrant everything we sell for two years against faulty workmanship and materials (excludes normal wear and tear and misuse). Please notify us promptly if you are unhappy with any aspect of the service or products we have supplied to you. Where you provide us with measurements or choose fabrics, and the products we supply comply with those measurements or fabric selections, you are responsible for ensuring that the measurements are accurate and the fabrics you choose are be suitable for your decorative needs.


Curtains2U will take every precaution to ensure that your goods are installed to the highest level.
Where goods appear to be damaged or you are not happy with the installation you must contact Curtains2U immediately. “If it is not right, we will put it right”

Where you ask us to deliver goods directly to another person, that person takes possession of the goods for you as your agent, and you are still directly responsible to us under these terms.

Terms of Payment

As per our quote and acceptance, a 50% deposit must be paid of the quoted price (including GST) on confirmation of order. Payments are made only when funds have fully cleared through the banking system into our bank account. Once the funds have been cleared, we can commence to order your goods.

Once installation has been completed, the remaining balance must be paid within seven days or a 2.5% interest rate per month will apply unless previous arrangements have been made. All goods remain the property of Mobile TF Furnishings T/A Curtains2U until paid in full.

Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by Curtains2U in recovering any outstanding monies including debt collection agency fees or solicitor’s costs shall be paid by the client.

Compliance with samples and specifications

Textile goods may vary in colour quality, pattern repeats and widths. Natural and natural-look fabrics are likely to have slight imperfections including slubs, seeds, colour and weave variances. You agree to accept the goods subject to these variations, provided they are within normal industry practice and standards. In particular, you acknowledge that goods may not be identical to samples or to goods previously supplied.
Where you specify the colour, design, construction, pattern or other property of goods, you warrant that you have the right, including copyright and other intellectual property rights, to ask us to make goods to that specification, and you agree to indemnify us against all costs, losses, damages and expenses and claims which may arise as a result of our use of that specification.
Where we deliver Products to you in uncut form, you must check, before cutting or hanging, that all goods delivered are correct with respect to the colour and quantity. Goods, including faulty goods cannot be returned after they have been cut.
Where we provide you with pre-delivery samples, you must notify us of any incorrect colour or pattern within 24 hours.

Natural Fabrics

Some natural fabrics (Calico, linen, cotton etc) may have slight variations of imperfections with slubbing, weave, and colour dye batch variances. These natural variations are not flaws or defects and will not be covered by warranty provided they are within reasonable tolerances for those products.

Thermal and Blockout Coated Fabrics

Thermal and blockout coated fabrics may show some daylight through the stitching, this is the nature of the coated fabric.
Curtains2U Guarantee

Curtains2u supply, you, the customer a Guarantee once the installation has been completed. We guarantee that your quality product will be free from defect for the periods stated below.

  • Sewing and workmanship to be free from defect for a period of two years from date of purchase.
  • Made to Measure tracks and componentry to be free from defect for a period of two years from date of purchase.
  • Roller, Vertical, Venetian and Wooden blinds to be free from defect for a period of two to ten years from date of purchase, depending on which supplier has been used to purchase your product.
  • Motorisation products to be free from defect for a period of two years from date of purchase.

The obligation under the Guarantee is limited to repair or replacement of the product or components found to be defective by the manufacturers.

The guarantee does not cover defects or damage caused by accidents, alterations, misuse, abuse, wear and tear or failure to follow instructions with respect to cleaning or maintenance. Under the guarantee the manufacturer shall not be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages or for any other direct or indirect damage, loss, cost, expense or fee. The benefits conferred by this guarantee are in addition to all other rights and services which the purchaser has under the Trade Practices Act 1974 and similar state and territory laws.

Nothing to exclude, restrict or modify or have the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying the application in relation to the supply of any goods or services pursuant to this agreement of all or any of the provisions of Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974 or any relevant State Act or Territorial Ordinance which by law cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.

Changing your mind

We do not have to accept return of goods where you have changed your mind, so please choose carefully. Once the order has been placed and fabric is cut we are unable to change the order