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Curtains2u curtain tracks

We work with the best quality tracks and rods from Windoware.

Every track we sell is made to specifically fit your window.

Tracks can be bent to fit around awkward windows or spaces. They come in a variety of standard colours, with one sure to fit in with your decor, however in the unlikely event that one does not match we are able to have your tracks specially power-coated.

Sick of your netting on the wire that sags and hangs down in the middle of a window? We have unobtrusive mini tracks available to fit snuggly inside your window frame, perfect to hang nets from!

Our decorator track rods come with a large selection of end caps or finials to add that little bit extra to your tracking system. These are perfect for those who want to make a statement of their track rods with that WOW factor. Please have a look in our gallery for images of what is available!

Shower tracks and bed tracks are also in the Curtains2U track range. These are perfect for room dividers, showers, to partition off a bed or when the track is required to hang from a high roof and wall space is not readily available.


Tracks are also able to be motorised with the fantastic technology now avaliable. At the press of a button you can have your drapes pulling themselves!

Are your windows too far out of reach for standard controls? Or perhaps the window coverings are just too large to be raised and lowered by traditional controls? If you need a specialised solution for your windows, we can assist you.

Motorised tracks can be operated by external switching (using dry contact) through home automation. Simply operated by a remote control or activated by computer, ipad or smart phone to open or close some or all of the curtains at the same time, the choice is yours.

Ideal for nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and particularly for those who are totally incapacitated. Easy to operate, keep your home decor and valuable artwork protected from the sun's rays.

Ask your Blinds Consultant for more information about Motorisation!

Whatever your needs, we can supply it for you!

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